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Since Gerhard Mengel joined his first club team in Michigan, he has devoted immeasurable time and effort to the growth and promotion of the game of soccer.  His contributions are many at the State, Regional and National levels. As a player, Gerhard represented Michigan in many All‐Star games.  In 1962, as a player/coach of the Carpathia Kickers, Gerhard helped bring home Michigan’s first United States Soccer Federation (USSF) National Championship.  Under his administration, The Chaldean Arsenal won the National Amateur Cup again in 1999 and 2000. He pioneered soccer in the Flint area by co‐founding its first amateur league, youth summer league and local referee association and served in various capacities in these organizations. As an All‐Star and Select Team coach, he regularly traveled 60 miles several times a week to fulfill his commitments while continuing to play and coach his own “Yankees”.    A respected referee, Gerhard could be relied upon to bring a difficult match to an uneventful conclusion.  He frequently traveled hundreds of miles as a referee instructor to teach “The Laws” to the State’s outlying districts, often being the first voice of authority to reach those areas.  He effectively developed and trained referees. Upon becoming State Registrar in 1978, Gerhard established a network of deputies across the state, which efficiently managed the process of registering players in spite of the ever‐ increasing numbers.  He attended all league registration meetings.  His success in drawing unaffiliated teams and leagues into the Michigan Soccer Association (MSA) has been, without question, a most important contributor to the growth of the organization. After 19 years of service as State Registrar, Gerhard was elected to President of the MSA in 1997, a position he held for 14 years. For fourteen years, Gerhard managed the cup competitions administered by MSA including the National Cups, the Tournament of Champions, and the State Challenge Cup.  He also served the United States Adult Soccer Association (USASA) for fifteen years as the National Regional Cup Commissioner from 1982 until 1997, at which time he was appointed National Chairman of the National Cups Committee. In 1988 through 1989 Gerhard served on the USSF’s Competitions Committee.  He was appointed again in 1997 and sat on that committee until it was disbanded by USSF.  In 1998 he was named to the USSF Open Cup Competitions Committee.  In 2002 he was appointed to the USSF’s Lamar Hunt Men’s Open Cup Committee. His work and commitment to any position or task he was asked to undertake is recognized by the governing bodies of soccer in the United States.  Whether at the state, regional or national level, he is respected and esteemed for his contributions. In 2004 recognizing his dedication and service as a player, league administrator, coach, referee, and state administrator, the Michigan Soccer Association renamed the Michigan Challenge Cup in his honor, the Gerhard Mengel State Cup. The same year, the USASA designated the National’s Men’s Over 30 Cup as the Gerhard Mengel National Cup. The USSF awarded Gerhard its Werner Fricker Builder’s Award at the 2005 AGM.  This award honored is efforts in growing the game at the state, regional and national levels.  This award is one of the United States’ most prestigious awards in soccer. At the 2006 AGM, the USASA inducted Gerhard Mengel into its Hall of Fame acknowledging his work for the adult soccer player. His greatest honor was the awarding of Life Membership by the United States Soccer Federation at its 2010 AGM.     



C.    Board of Directors Duties

The Board of Directors shall have the duty to:

9. Annually conduct the Gerhard Mengel State Cup (GMSC) for the MSA membership.



All games played by MSA affiliated teams shall be conducted under the rules as published by FIFA in its "The Laws of the Game", most recent English edition, with modifications as mandated by the USASA or its Affiliates.


Players, coaches and team administrators participating in an MSA competition or affiliate competition shall possess an MSA‐approved ID cards, which shall be submitted to the referee prior to the game and remain in the referee’s possession throughout the game


State, Regional, or nationally recognized competition sponsored by the Michigan Soccer Association shall be administered in the following manner: A. Team roster One hour prior to any game, each team shall present to the referee, the opposing team and a representative of the competition committee, a roster listing its eleven (11) eligible starting players, one of whom must be the goalkeeper, and seven (7) substitutes. B. Uniforms The home team shall be required to change its uniform at the discretion of the referee.



A. The Association shall annually conduct the competition for the Gerhard Mengel State Cup (GMSC) as a single game elimination competition.     

B. This competition shall be open to men and women teams affiliated with the Association.

C. A minimum of four (4) teams in each category shall be required to form a division of the competition.

D. National Cup games shall take priority over State Cup games, which shall take priority over League games.


The finalists shall receive a team award and individual awards not to exceed 18 in number at a cost determined by the Board.  


The Cup Commissioner shall be appointed by the Association President and shall have the responsibility and authority to conduct these competitions.


A. Applications for Cup entry shall be distributed to all Members and Affiliates within ninety (90) days of the AGM. B. Those teams wishing to enter the GMSC will have at least fifteen (15) days to return their applications and, if applicable, entry fees to the Cup Commissioner.

3.3.12 CUPS

A. The competitions shall be played in a tournament format, depending on the number of entries, with the venue to be determined by the Cup Commissioner.   

B. All Michigan Cup competitions shall be completed in a timely manner to meet regional or national deadlines, if applicable.  

C. The Commissioner in charge of the competition shall conduct a draw in front of the MSA Board prior to the competition, to determine the pairings and the game times for the competition.  Any necessary byes shall be given in the first round.

D. For replayed or rescheduled games, both team managers must agree on the time and venue.  If no agreement can be reached, the Commissioner of the competition shall have the authority to set the time and place for 2:00 PM on Sunday, unless he/she has valid reasons to differ from this schedule, with seven (7) days notice given to both teams.  


A. Control and management of the competition shall be vested in a Cups Commissioner appointed by the President with the consent of the Board.     

B. The Commissioner shall have the authority to suspend a player or fine and/or disqualify a team for violating any rule of this competition, or of the Association, or of the rules of the USASA, or "The Laws of the Game" as published by FIFA.  

C. All Referee and Game Reports shall be mailed to the respective Commissioner on the day of the game.

D. The Commissioner shall notify the SRA when a referee assigned to a Cup game does not comply with Section


E. Teams which have been disqualified from a MSA sponsored or administered competition for cause shall be assessed a fine and the cost of referee fees, if any, and shall be excluded from participation in that competition in the following season.

F. Game Reports shall include the final score, names of all goal scorers, and time of each goal, names of any players cautioned or sent off, injuries that occurred, estimated attendance, and any unusual incident or behavior on the part of those in attendance.

G. Fees and fines must be paid with a cashier’s check, money order, or League check made payable to the MSA.


A. Only a referee shall have the authority to suspend a GMSC match or National Cup match.  In the event of a suspension, the referee does not have the authority to declare a winner.

B. If a game is suspended due to acts of nature, the Cup Commissioner shall reschedule the match.

C. If a game is suspended for any reason other than an act of nature, the Cup Commissioner may disqualify a team from the competition unless the team management can prove that the cause for the suspension was beyond their control.

D. The Cup Commissioner and the competing teams shall be notified not less than 96 hours (4 days) before the scheduled game time of a change in field location or kickoff time.  This will allow the Cup Commissioner the option to reschedule the game in the event of a conflict with other competitions or to disqualify the team requesting the change.

E. Disposition of suspended or appealed matches shall be made within seventy‐two (72) hours of the end of the match by the Commissioner, who may either award the games, order them rescheduled, or disqualify the involved team(s).

F. Rescheduled games shall be played with the same players rostered for the original game.


A. Wherever possible, Cup matches shall be played on enclosed fields.   

B. If the MSA is hosting the competition, the site shall be provided by the MSA.

C. If the MSA is not hosting the competition, the home team shall be responsible for providing a suitable field with nets and game balls acceptable to the referee.

D. The Referee shall settle disagreements regarding the field, its equipment, or the ball.

E. If the game Referee reports that the home team failed to meet the requirements outlined in Section 3.3.15(C), the team may be disqualified from the competition at the discretion of the Cup Commissioner.

3.3.16 ORDER

A. Each team will be responsible for its conduct on the field and adjacent areas. No one will be permitted behind the goal lines within the penalty area.

B. If a game is terminated because of the misconduct of a team, its management, or its spectators, the Commissioner may fine and disqualify the guilty teams from the competition.


A. If admission or donations for entry are taken, the home team shall furnish the ticket sellers and the visiting team the ticket takers.  If the game is hosted by the Association, the Association shall furnish the ticket sellers and ticket takers.

B. The receipts from any game in this competition shall be disbursed in the following order: 1. Ground and shower rental, if any 2. Referee fees (for the cup game only) 3. Ten per cent (10%) of the remainder to the MSA   4. The amount remaining shall be evenly divided between the competing teams.

C. A financial report of the game shall be filed with the Commissioner by the home team within seven (7) days of the game even if no receipts are taken, and may be filed with the game report on the day of the game. 1. Unless the competition is hosted by the MSA, State and local taxes, if any, are the responsibilities of the home team.    2. Each Team shall be responsible for one‐half of the game officials' fees. 3. The fees for referee and assistant referees shall be paid the prevailing rate requested by their chapter of the State Referee Association.

3.3.18 LAWS OF THE GAME     

Play in these competitions shall be governed by FIFA’s "Laws of the Game" and the "Rules of the Competition" as published by the MSA.  


A. To be eligible to participate in the State, regional or National Cup competitions, a player shall be properly registered for his/her team  as an amateur or as a professional as required by the Rules of the USASA and USSF.

B. All players shall be registered with the State Registrar forty‐eight (48) hours prior to any game in the competition, including registered players promoted from a second or reserve team of that competing team, unless the rules of competition provide otherwise.

C. Team managers of quarterfinalists shall send to the Cup Commissioner, at least 48 hours before the original scheduled date of their games, a list of their eligible players.  Single teams shall be entitled to list 25 players. Teams with a registered reserve team shall be entitled to 36 players.   

D. Teams in the "Over Thirty” and “Over Forty” Cup shall be entitled to list 35 players.

E. The Cup Commissioner shall verify the eligibility of the rostered players with the State Registrar, and supply a copy of this list to the teams reaching the semi‐ finals and final.

F. A player who has already participated in the GMSC or any National Cup competition during the current season shall not be eligible to play for another team in that same competition.

G. A protest for playing an ineligible player shall be made to the Cup Commissioner within seventy‐two (72) hours of the game.  The protest shall include a certified check as provided in the rules of the competition, but not less than one hundred dollars ($100.00).  A copy of the protest shall be sent to the opposing team by the protester.

H. A team proven to have used an ineligible player shall forfeit the game in question and be fined by the Commissioner. The forfeiture score shall be 3:0 in favor of the non‐forfeiting team or goals scored by the non‐forfeiting team, whichever is greater.


A. A player, who has been sent off the field by the Referee for misconduct in a MSA sponsored competition, shall be suspended from the next two games his/her team is scheduled to play, whether these be league or cup games, but not counting friendly games his/her team is playing, or any games his/her team or league may schedule after the date the player was sent off. A player who has been sent off the field by the Referee for a second cautionable offense resulting in an ejection shall be suspended from one game his/her team is scheduled to play whether it be a league or cup game, but not counting a friendly game his/her team is playing, or any game his/her team or league may schedule after the date the player was sent off.

B. If the nature of the misconduct for which a player was sent off the field is of a more serious nature, the Commissioner or the MSA Executive Board shall have the authority to suspend the player for more than two games.   

C. Suspensions shall be made within seventy‐two (72) hours of the infraction, and the Commissioner shall notify the player and his/her team manager, MSA Registrar, and his/her league of the decision within 72 hours of the date of the game in which the player had been sent off.

D. Any player suspended for a period exceeding two (2) games shall have the right to appeal the suspension to the Appeals Committee of the Association within five (5) days from receipt of notice of his/her suspension.

E. If the misconduct involves an assault on or an abuse of the Referee or the Assistant Referees, and meets the criteria for referee assault and/or abuse as defined by the USSF, the case shall be governed by the Rules and Regulations of the MSA.  The Referee's Report must be sent directly to the chairman of the State Referee Committee or the State Referee Administrator, who will forward a copy to the Cup Commissioner, to the business office of the MSA, and the affiliated League(s) involved.

F. The Cup Commissioner of an MSA administered competition shall have the authority to render a decision after concurring with two members of the Executive Board.


A. Referee appointments shall be the function of the Referee Committee.

B. Individuals who are presently, or have in the past two (2) years been members of either team, or anyone having a relationship with either of the competing teams shall not be eligible to officiate State or National Cup games as Referee or Assistant Referees.

C. In games involving teams with different affiliations, every effort should be made to secure the Referee and Assistants from Referee's Associations other than those affiliated with the competing teams.

D. In the absence of a referee or assistant referee, the two competing teams may agree in writing, certified by their signatures, upon a Referee who shall officiate the game.   The agreed upon Referee may not be removed until the game is completed.


A. The Michigan representatives to the Region II Tournament of Champions shall be determined by the Association based on performance in the Gerhard Mengel State Cup or National competitions in their respective competition divisions.

B. In the event a team declines to attend the Region II Tournament of Champions competition, the Association based on performance in the Gerhard Mengel State Cup or National competitions in their respective competition may chose an alternative.

C. If no competition is held in a division of the Gerhard Mengel State Cup, the Association may select a league competition winner to be the MSA representative to the Region II Tournament of Champions.


Disciplinary matters arising out of the competitions under the direct jurisdiction of the Association shall be administered by the respective Cup Commissioner and shall be governed by the Disciplinary Procedure set forth in the Policies and procedures of these rules.



5. Policy Governing Seeding and Allocation of Byes in Cup Competitions

5.1. National Cup Competitions A. The following teams shall be seeded in separate brackets and/or receive a bye where applicable: 1. The Michigan Champion of last year's National Cup competition 2. The Champion of the Gerhard Mengel State Cup 3. If the brackets of the competition permit, runner‐up from 5.1.A(1) and 5.1.A(2) may also be seeded.

5.2. Gerhard Mengel State Cup

A. The Commissioner of the Gerhard Mengel State Cup is authorized to seed the top teams in brackets.  The seeded team shall be the champion of an affiliated league.  

B. If a bye occurs in the first round, only the winner of the previous year's GMSC shall be entitled to the bye.  The Michigan Soccer Association is proud to host THE GERHARD MENGEL STATE CUP. Most of us start out playing soccer as a means of fun and recreation. But somewhere along the way, in the midst of all the fun, we realize that soccer can often be a metaphor for achieving success in life, because of the lessons it teaches us about life.   It teaches us about being a part of a team, the importance of working together to accomplish a common goal. We learn to shoulder personal responsibility, and how to cope with defeat and failure. It teaches how to remain focused on a task for the period of time required to achieve it. We learn about consistency and concentration, how to overcome weaknesses, and go beyond our limits.    And it reminds us that no matter how “young” we are…. Soccer…your game for life.    


Nick Radu, President

David Altesleben, Vice President

Elma Riely, Corresponding Secretary

Dyann Pugliese, Business Administrator

Mike Brennan, Treasurer

Mike Walters, Registrar

Gerhard Mengel, Past President

Cynthia Dillon, Director

Joe Pratico, Director

Rick Cook, Director

Harold Kirkwood, State Coach

Carlos Folino, State Referee Administrator …

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