Founders Cup Rules


3.6.1 The League shall annually conduct a competition in honor of the founders of the league.

3.6.2 Teams registered at the start of the spring session and in good standing with the MUSL and the MSA will automatically be included in the Founders Cup competition, except any team may opt out of that year’s Cup competition by written notice to the Director of Competition within the time prescribed by that Director.

3.6.3 Cup games will be scheduled in conjunction with the regular League schedule with pairings to be created by the Director of Competition. The first team shall be the home team.

3.6.4 The tournament will be a single game elimination.

3.6.5 The Director of the Competition will create groupings based on age group and Michigan United Soccer League Rules & Regulations.

3.6.6 A player may play for only one team in each age group of the Founders Cup, providing that he/she is in good standing and meets the age requirement.

3.6.7 Competition Rules: Rules for the Founders Cup shall be the same as for league games except as noted hereafter.

a. If a Cup game is abandoned prior to playing 60 minutes due to darkness, weather, or field conditions, the game must be replayed in its entirety.

b. If a Cup game was terminated short of full time by the referee due to the misconduct of players or fans, the Board shall hear the case in a disciplinary hearing and determine the disposition of the game.

c. All Cup games scheduled must start no later 120 minutes prior to sundown unless they are played on lighted fields or have been approved by the Director of Competition.

d. All Founders Cup games must result in a winner. Games tied at the end of regulation time shall play two (2) periods of 15 minutes extra time and, if needed, go to penalty kicks to obtain a winner. Games in the Over 55 age group shall play only two periods of five (5) minutes extra time followed by penalty kicks.

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