What is the Michigan United Soccer League?

What is the Michigan United Soccer League?

The Michigan United Soccer League was established in 1979. We started as a small “Over 30” league of five teams, comprised mainly of youth soccer coaches. As word spread about an adult soccer league in Metro Detroit, the MUSL started gaining more and more teams from all ethnic backgrounds. It was easy to see that the MUSL was about to become one of the premier adult soccer leagues in the country. 

Since then, we’ve grown annually to become the largest adult league in Michigan and one of the largest in the U.S. In 2017, we had over 2000 players on 112 teams in six counties across the Metro Detroit area. In 2018, the MUSL rostered 116 teams with over 2300 players! The MUSL grew again in 2019, rostering 117 teams and close to 3000 total players! 2022 will feature 120+ teams!

In addition to our 14 game regular season schedule, the Founders Cup is an interleague tournament held each year. The various MUSL teams compete within their respective divisions in a single elimination format. Each winner is awarded with a trophy and a championship shirt. In 2018, the MUSL expanded the Founders Cup to include teams from outside of the MUSL for the first time! The 2019 Founder's Cup featured the MUSL Championship matches as well as friendlies between four teams from the Michigan Premier Soccer League. As the MUSL grows - so does the Founders Cup!

The adult soccer landscape in Michigan has evolved into one of the biggest and best in the country - spearheaded by the combined efforts of the MUSL and MPSL. The future is bright for adult soccer in Michigan!

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